The Union of African Shippers' Councils (UASC) is made up of 18 member Shippers Organizations in the West and Central African sub-region and headquartered in Douala, Cameroun. It is one of the organs of the Maritime Organization for West and Central Africa (MOWCA) and also a member of the Global Shippers’ Forum, which is the world's leading trade association for shippers engaged in international trade and moving goods by all modes of transport.

The Union of African Shippers Council was born out of an existing Freight Rate Negotiation Committee then chaired by Cote d’Ivoire. Many member states were already members of the Committee. In 1986 it became known as the Union of African Shippers’ Councils. The Authority is a founding member of the UASC since 1986 and was the Vice Chair from 1986-1987, and subsequently became Chairman from 1987-1988. The first General Assembly was hosted by DR Congo in Kinshasa and the second Assembly was held in Accra. Currently, the Authority is the Vice Chair since August 2013

Current members include

  • Angola National Shippers' Council (CNC);
  • Benin National Shippers' Council (CNCB);
  • Burkinabe Shippers' Council (CBC);
  • Cameroon National Shippers’ Council (CNSC);
  • Congo Shippers' Council (CCC);
  • Ivorian Shippers' Council (OIC);
  • Gabon Shippers' Council (GSC);
  • Ghana Shippers' Authority (GSA);
  • Guinea Shippers' Council (CGC);
  • Guinea Bissau Shippers' Council (CNS);
  • Mali Shippers' Council (CMC);
  • Niger Council of Public Transport Users (CNUT);
  • Senegal Shippers' Council (COSEC)
  • Togo National Shippers' Council (CNCT);
  • Chad Shippers'
  • Nigerian Shippers' Council (NSC)
  • Republic of Central Africa's Shippers' Council (CCAC);
  • Democratic Republic of Congo Shippers' Council (OGEFREM);

It is therefore with pride, that the Ghana Shippers Authority will host the 10th General Assembly which has been scheduled for 3rd -5th November, 2015 at the Accra International Conference Centre. (AICC) The meeting would take the opportunity of the presence of key maritime personalities in the West and Central African Region to discuss the business model of the Blue Economy, its value with respect to the pertinent issues of Ocean governance, including the key role of ports, shipping lines and logistics companies, issues of piracy and the 2050 AIM Strategy of the African Union.

It expects to come out with a blueprint guidance and action plan for a comprehensive maritime governance framework to be submitted to the Maritime Organization of West and Central Africa (MOWCA) for adoption at its upcoming conference. The four day event would also be used to adopt a strategic plan for the next two years, and to consider the financial statement and Result-based budget for the next biennial 2016-2017.


It is with great pride that the Ghana Shippers' Authority hosts the 10th General Assembly of the Union of Africa Shippers Councils (UASC) in Accra from January 27th - 30th, 2016.

As a founding member of the UASC and its current Vice Chairman, the assumption of this role invokes nostalgic feelings of historical relevance, having first had the privilege of hosting the 2nd General Assembly Meeting in 1987.

Admittedly, a lot of water has since gone under the bridge and significant technological changes have occurred with the complexities associated with the demand for shipping. Information and Communication Technology has precipitated the transformation of the shipping industry from the conventional hardware based industry into a know-how service industry. This is characterized by the changes in vessel designs, innovations in cargo handling gear, improvements in the speed of operations in the ports, infusion of technology in the examination of cargoes at the port, integration of information systems into the transport and logistics chains and other measures introduced to curtail delays and its associated costs.

In the face of all of these changes, one thing has remained constant - the role of Shippers Organizations, in protecting and promoting the interests of shippers as prescribed by the UNCTAD. Undoubtedly, this role has encompassed the simplification of transport and trade procedures, as well as the negotiation of transport costs and conditions; and with it our passion and resolve to ensure that our shippers remain globally competitive.

A recent study of the Global Shippers Forum on the changing needs of shippers across the globe revealed that Consistency and Reliability of service, Simple Service Rate Structure, Transparency in Surcharges, Adequate and Efficient Port and Logistics Infrastructure, Focus on total door-to-door supply chain service and not just port-to-port service, Predictability and Enhanced Shipment Information as their key concerns. This revelation obviously brings to the fore the urgency of adopting Information Technology as a strategic tool for improving supply chain integration and reducing chain inefficiencies through the supply of timely, accurate and relevant shipment information to the shipper, consignee and other supply chain partners.

This landmark event would afford us the opportunity to review the UASC's strategic approach to the issues affecting shippers within the framework of the African Union's Africa Integrated Maritime Strategy (AIMS Strategy 2050) and the Blue Economy to ensure that the continent derives maximum benefits from its maritime domain for the benefit of our shippers and our economies.

On the occasion of the 10th General Assembly Meeting, the Ministry of Transport under whose auspices this event is being held, the Board of Directors, Management and Staff of the Ghana Shippers' Authority welcomes the Secretary Generals of MOWCA, UASC, PMAWCA and Chief Executives of the 17 member Shippers Councils of the UASC as well as other key maritime personalities in the West and Central African Region to Accra, Ghana and wish you all fruitful deliberations and a pleasant stay in Ghana.

Dr. Kofi Mbiah

Conference Venue

Accra International Conference Centre (AICC) for the Union of African Shippers’ Council Conference (UASC)


Hotels and Bookings

The following is a list of hotels in Ghana where bookings will be made for delegates to the Second Session of the Conference of Union of African Shippers’ Council Conference (UASC).

Mr. Kojo Frimpong
+233 (0) 244 583786

Name of Hotel Contact Details / Location Rake Rate Negotiated Rate Rate in Ghana Cedis Stars Facilities Available
1 TROPICAL ENCLAVE HOTEL Phone: +233302762854,+233249677307
Location: 117 Biorgodo street ,Nyaniba Estates Osu
Standard: $120
Executive: $140
Suite: $180
Standard: $80
Executive: $140
Suite: $180
Standard: GHc304
Executive: GHc532
Suite: GHc684
Two star Bed & Breakfast, Wireless Internet, 24hr CCTV Security,Roof Top Bar & Restaurant
2 HOTEL APARTMENT Phone: +2330302780283
Location: H/N.F97/2,15TH Lane Osu Oxford St.
Standard: $190
Executive: $250
Standard: $100
Executive: $250
Standard: GHc380
Executive: GHc950
Three star Bed & Breakfast, Wireless Internet (24/7) CCTV
Coffee Shop Bar and Root top Restaurant
Fully Equipped Kitchenette
3 La Villa Boutique Hotel Phone: +233 302730334
Location: E960 13th IN Accra Osu
Standard: $320
Double: $380
Standard: $170
Double: $200
Standard: GHc646
Double: GHc760
Three Star Bar & Restaurant, Banquet & Conference Hall, Swimming Pool
4 Central Hotel Phone: 03022766606, 0302 2969316
Location: Osu
Standard (single & Double): $95 Standard (single & Double): $80 Standard (single & Double): GHc 304 Two Star Bed & Breakfast, Restaurant & Bar, Laundry, Internet, Conference Hall
5 Alisa Hotel Phone: 0302214244
Location: 21 Dr. Isert Road North Ridge
Standard: $320
Double: $380
Standard: $180
Double: $200
Standard: GHc684
Executive: GHc760
Four Star Bar & Restaurant, Banquet & Conference Hall, Car Rental & In-House safe Swimming Pool
6 La Palm Phone: +233 302 215100/11
Location: NO 1 By pass Labadi
Standard: $376
Executive: $420
Junior Suite: $450
Standard: $376
Executive: $420
Junior Suite: $450
Standard: GHc1,428
Executive: GHc1,596
Suite: GHc1,710
Five Star Bed & Breakfast, Restaurant & Bar, Swimming Pool, Gym, Internet,
7 Kama Guest House Phone:
Standard: $50
Double: $60
Standard: $50
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Standard: GHc190
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Guest House Internet

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